The legacy of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald extends across generations–and across the pond. Though known particularly for their flair of extravagance and contribution to the Jazz Age and Flapper Culture of the Roaring Twenties, the Fitzgerald’s were also among the authors and artists of the Lost Generation who flocked to Paris for inspiration and introspection. By engaging in intellectual conversation and participating in a centuries old pilgrimage to the city of lights, F. Scott Fitzgerald established himself among the great American writers in Paris of the early twentieth century.

This website highlights both Fitzgerald’s Parisian journey and his relationships with various members of the Lost Generation. By tracing the footsteps of his life in France, and exhibiting the connections he made with other literary figures of the time, it is clear just how many people, places, and experiences shaped Fitzgerald’s writing. By going a step further in analyzing the literary and biographical significance of both Scott’s Tender is the Night and Zelda’s Save Me the Waltz, this website goes a step further in peering into the difficulties the Fitzgeralds faced later in life, and how their unfortunate experiences shaped their marriage and literary careers.